Finished in its original colors of Rosso Rubino over Nero this 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB is offered for sale for $2.3million by RM Sotheby’s.

One of approximately 58 long-nose, torque-tube, triple-carburetor, steel-bodied examples, the 1966 Ferrari retains its original chassis, engine, and gearbox.

1966 Ferrari 275 by Scaglietti
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Over the course of the 275’s production run, a number of rolling changes were made in an effort to improve the model.

The “long-nose” body style was introuced to lengthen the nose on later cars, in an effort to eliminate the undesirable high-speed lift characteristics of the earlier short-nose models.

Additionally, a torque tube was added in early 1966 to improve the stability and durability of the drivetrain. These “long-nose, torque-tube” 275 GTBs are now considered to be the most desirable of the model.

Full leather black interior and orginal steering wheel

The interior presents has all the correct trim and fittings, including an original steering wheel and proper markings on the windshield and side glass with door and window seals in excellent condition. The car’s chrome trim presents wonderfully throughout, and Borranni wire wheels and Michelin XWX tires at all four corners only help to improve the car’s stunning good looks.

Borranni wire wheels and Michelin XWX tires
Borranni wire wheels and Michelin XWX tires