Halma buys Rath Communications

Halma PLC (LON: HLMA) has bought Rath Communications, a provider of emergency communication in the USA, for £32.6 million.

Halma, the leading safety, health and environmental technology group, will make Rath Communications part of the Group’s Infrastructure Safety Sector.

Andrew Williams, Halma’s Chief Executive, commented: “Rath extends Halma’s safety communications capabilities and adds a new market niche with its strong position in the Area of Refuge communications market in the USA, where growth is being supported by tightening regulatory standards.

“Rath is also well positioned to benefit from Halma’s strategic Growth Enablers, bringing the potential for collaboration with other Halma businesses in elevator safety and healthcare to drive expansion into adjacent markets focused on the care and safety of the elderly and disabled people.”

Halma is a global group of life-saving technology companies operating in Process Safety, Infrastructure Safety, Medical and Environmental & Analysis. They employ over 6,000 people in 20 countries, with major operations in Europe, the USA and Asia-Pacific.

Rath’s operations include Area of Refuge communications (AOR) which enables disabled and elderly people to call for help from multi-storey buildings with elevator phones and public safety phones.

An Area of Refuge (AOR) is a location in a building designed to hold occupants during a fire or other emergency, when evacuation may not be safe or possible.