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Monday, December 10, 2018
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Construction output continued to recover

UK Construction continues recovery

Construction output has increased by 2.9% in the three months to August 2018 as the industry continues to recover following a relatively weak start to...
Unemployment rate stays at record 4.0%

Unemployment rate stays at lowest level since 1975

32.4 million people working Unemployment rate 4% Earnings increase by 2.9% UK unemployment rate has stayed at its record low of 4.0%, according to the...
UK Services PMI increased to 54.3 in August

UK Services PMI stronger in August

Services PMI at 54.3 Second highest level since February Business confidence drops to 5 month low UK service providers experienced stronger business activity and...
Retail sales boosted by sunshine and world cup

UK retail sales bounce back in July

UK Retail sales rise by 0.7% Online spending reaches record high World Cup and Sunshine boost sales UK Retail sales increased by 0.7%, following June's...
UK inflation rises to 2.5% in July

UK inflation rises to 2.5%

UK inflation (CPI) rises to 2.5% CPIH remains at 2.3% Transport rises by 5.6% Prices for clothing and footwear fall by 0.4% Consumer price...
UK unemployment falls to 1.36 million

Unemployment falls to 1.36 million

Unemployment falls to 1.36 million 32.39 million people working Employment rate 75.6% UK unemployment has fallen to 1.36 million people, 124,000 fewer than a...
GDP increases by 04%

GDP grows by 0.4%

GDP grows by 0.4% Services and Construction increase by 0.5% and 0.9% respectively Production down by 0.8%. Household spending grows by 0.3% Business...
Bank of England raise interest rates

Bank of England raise rates

The Bank of England have raised interest rates to 0.75%, their highest level since March 2009
Bank of England Super Thursday

Looking ahead to Super Thursday

Will the Bank of England raise interest rates to 0.75%?
Retail sales increase in June 2018

Retail sales increase by 2.1%

Retail sales have increased by 2.1%, the largest increase since February 2015.