The 2019 Worldwide Cost of Living survey by the EIU has revealed the top ten most expensive cities. For the first time in the survey’s history, three cities share the title of the world’s most expensive city: Singapore, Paris and Hong Kong.


1. Singapore

The island nation of Singapore, off southern Malaysia, is a global financial centre and the only city in the top ten that has maintained its top ranking from the previous year.

1. Paris

Paris, has featured among the top ten most expensive cities since 2003. The French capital has risen from seventh position two years ago to joint first in 2019.

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the former British colony on China’s southern coast, is a major port and global financial hub. It shares the joint title of the most expensive city with Singapore and Paris.

4. Zurich

Zurich, known for its luxurious lifestyles and high-end shopping, is also Europe’s largest financial centre and takes the position of the fourth most expensive city in the world.

5. Geneva

Surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountains, Geneva, is the fifth most expensive city in the world and is home to around twenty international organisations.

5. Osaka

The Japanese port city of Osaka, on the island of Honshu, has moved up six places since last year, and now shares fifth place with Geneva in Switzerland.

7. Seoul

Seoul, bordered by mountains and located on the Han River is the capital and largest city in South Korea. It is the seventh most expensive city, alongside New York and Copenhagen.

7. Copenhagen

Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, is a city built for cyclists where you’ll see more bikes than cars. It ranks joint seventh most expensive city alongside Seoul and New York.

7. New York

One of the world’s major commercial and financial centres, New York has moved up six places in this years’ ranking to joint seventh.

10. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, on the Mediterranean coast, ranked 28th just five years ago, sits alongside Los Angeles as the joint tenth most expensive city, and the sole Middle Eastern representative.

10. Los Angeles

Nicknamed the “City of Angels”, Los Angeles has moved up four spots and is now joint tenth with Tel Aviv. Only five years ago, Los Angeles was tied in 39th position with New York.

Ten Most/Least expensive cities

Ten most/least expensive cities

The ten most expensive cities in the world

CountryCityWCOL index (New York=100) RankRank movement
Singapore Singapore10710
France Paris10711
ChinaHong Kong10713
South KoreaSeoul1007-1
USNew York10076
IsraelTel Aviv9910-1
USLos Angeles99104
Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited 2019