In another episode of the Top 5 series, Porsche presents the Top 5 fancy seat designs from over 70 years of sports car history.

5Porsche 928

The top 5 begins with the Porsche 928 with red and white stripes and a special logo, by Ferry Porsche, on its headrests. The colour contrast between the fine white lines and the wider burgundy stripes makes this interior a real eye-catcher.

4Porsche 911 (G series)

In fourth place is a Porsche 911 with pinstripes in maroon and white. This G-Series is the last 3.2-litre 911 ever built, and left the Zuffenhausen factory in 1989. It marks the end of the almost 17-year history of the second 911 generation. The combination of Carrara White Metallic paint finish and pinstripe interior design is a fitting tribute to this finale.

3Porsche 911 Turbo “Louise”

In third place is the “Louise” Turbo, named after Louise Piëch, the daughter of automotive pioneer Ferdinand Porsche. Its interior is almost entirely in tartan capturing the particular spirit of the era, which in the case of tartan is now experiencing a revival.

2Porsche 901

In second place is the 901, bearing chassis number 57, the oldest 911 derivative owned by the Porsche Museum. The so-called “Pepita” houndstooth pattern was used in its interior and is considered to be truly iconic.

1Porsche 911 Targa SC

In first place is the Porsche 911 Targa SC with its Pasha pattern in the interior, reminiscent of the chequered finishing flag in motorsport races, with navy blue with black contrasts. Produced as of summer 1977, these models were given the SC “Super Carrera” suffix as a reminder of the history of the 356.