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Friday, January 18, 2019
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Manchester at night

2019 property market forecast

The 2019 property market will be shaped by slow growth, stretched affordability and political uncertainty, according to Zoopla. House...
The English Riviera

House prices rising on the English Riviera

Whilst house prices have been subdued across many part of the UK in 2018, some towns are bucking the trend. Torquay, on the English...
Grosvenor Crescent

Most expensive UK streets

The most expensive UK streets have been revealed and the Top 10 are all located in London. Zoopla’s annual Rich List has Kensington Palace Gardens retaining...
North east England best performing region

North east England best performing region

House prices grow 3.3% in North East North east England was the best-performing region in the UK, according to the latest research from Zoopla. In the first...
Zoopla sold to US Private Equity Firm

Zoopla to be sold to US Private Equity Firm Silverlake

Zoopla, owned by ZPG Plc, has agreed to a proposed takeover by US private equity firm Silverlake for £2.2 billion. ZPG, which was founded in...
UK Property Millionaires

UK Property Millionaires

Britain now has 768,553 property millionaires Guildford has the most £1m properties There are now over 760,00 property millionaires in UK, as the number...