Cambridge has the largest homes in the UK, according to research by LABC Warranty.

Research conducted of the twenty major UK cities found home sizes and individual room sizes vary significantly across the regions.

Homes in Cambridge have an average total floor space of 71.8m² with the average home costing £6,063 per square metre.

Sheffield has the smallest homes in the UK at an average total floor space of 61.2m² with the average home costing £2,203 per square metre.

The largest living room

large living room

Oxford, famous for its world renowned university, also has the UK’s largest living room at an average size of 22.35m², over 7 m² larger than an average living room in Sheffield at 15.05m².

However, with average houses in Oxford setting you back £419,000 compared to £134,900 in Sheffield, you really are paying for the extra room.

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The largest kitchen

large kitchen

Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, has the largest kitchens in the UK at 12.9m², with Bristol having the smallest kitchens at 7.7m², followed closely by London at 7.8m².

The largest bedroom

Bournemouth, the city that boasts seven miles of beaches, also has the largest average master bedroom in the UK at 15.75m², with Belfast having the smallest master bedroom at 11.67m².

The largest bathroom

large bathroom

As well as the largest average living room in the UK, Oxford also boasts the largest bathroom at an average of 5.82m², with Southampton having the smallest at 3.7m².

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As of June 2018 the average house price in the UK is £228,384 according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics.