The UK Economy grew 0.4% in the three months to October, with GDP growth driven mainly by the services sector.

The latest GDP figures from the Office for National Statistics show a mixed bag of results with the services, production and construction sectors contributing positively to GDP growth.

Manufacturing growth -0.9% in October

However, manufacturing growth was negative 0.9% in October, mainly due to a decline in the pharmaceutical industry.

Head of National Accounts Rob Kent-Smith said: “GDP growth slowed going into the autumn after a strong summer, with a softening in services sector growth mainly due to a fall in car sales. This was offset by a strong showing from IT and accountancy.

“Manufacturing saw no growth at all in the latest three months, mainly due to a decline in the often-erratic pharmaceutical industry. Construction, while slowing slightly, continued its recent solid performance with growth in housebuilding and infrastructure.”

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures total national economic activity and are produced quarterly and annually.