UK Property Millionaires

UK Property Millionaires
More than 760,00 UK Property are worth more than £1 million
  • Britain now has 768,553 property millionaires
  • Guildford has the most £1m properties

There are now over 760,00 property millionaires in UK, as the number of homes valued at over £1 million has increased by 23% since August 2016, according to Zoopla.

Over 430,000 homes valued over £1 million can be found in London. The town with the most properties above £1 million was Guildford in Surrey with 5,889 homes, followed by Cambridge with 5,421 homes.

Guildford Property Millionaires
Guildford is the town with the most property millionaires outside London

South of England came in second in the regional table with 180,397 homes worth £1 million or more, with the East of England in third place with 69,840 property millionaires.

Scotland has 11,101 properties worth over £1 million with Wales having 2,223 homes.