UK wages increase by 3.2%

Wages increased by 3.2%
Wages increased by 3.2% excluding bonuses, and by 3.0% including bonuses, compared with a year earlier
  • 32.41 million people in work
  • 4.1% unemployment
  • 1.38 million unemployed people
  • 3.2% increase in wages

UK unemployment rate for the three months to September was 4.1%, slightly higher than last quarter, but still at record lows.

The latest ONS figures show there were 1.38 million unemployed people, 21,000 more than for April to June 2018 but 43,000 fewer than a year earlier.

75.5% employment rate

The employment rate was 75.5% for the three months to September, unchanged from last quarter, but higher than for a year earlier (75.0%).

350,000 more people in work

There were 350,000 more people in work than a year earlier, according to the latest ONS data. In total, there were 32.41 million people in work, 23,000 more compared with April to June 2018.

3.2 % increase in wages

The latest estimates show average weekly earnings (not adjusted for price inflation) increased by 3.2%. In real terms (adjusted for price inflation) wages increased by 0.9% compared with a year earlier.